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I’m often asked for a list of companies to track footfall, loyalty, dwell and so on. So here is the list. It is very much a “live” document as I add more sources:

Compiled by Sven Latham, Last updated September 2018.

Please note the caveats I’m putting to this list of suppliers:

This list is for pointers only. It has not been edited, paid for nor endorsed by companies named, and is based on the first keywords that come to mind when I recall each company. Errors & Omissions Excepted. No recommendations or preferences are inferred.

Footfall, car counting, national benchmarks

Elephant Wifi
Town Wifi, apps, phone counting (“GeoSense”)

Local Data Company (LDC)
Retail and geographical data, phone counting (“SmartStreetSensor”)

People Counting, Retail data, benchmarking

People counting, footfall cameras, battery powered.

PFM Footfall
Footfall cameras, phone counting

Rewarding Visits
Loyalty schemes, Kiosks

Place Dashboard
Tracking apps based on rewards, footfall counting, dwell, analytics.

Town gift cards, VISA schemes, local currency.

Kantar Retail
Shopper Insights, retail data, benchmarking

Loyalty App

Loyalty cards, point of sale.

MyGravity Now part of Bink.
Loyalty app

Footfall counting

Manual footfall counts. Bespoke coverage.

Almere Technology
Footfall counters, machine learning, road traffic & cyclists.

The list is growing and is by no means exhaustive, so if I’ve missed something please let me know so I can continue to share!

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Sven Latham

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