September 2017 Updates

By September 26, 2017 June 26th, 2018 Update

Footflow app:

  • Now automatically reports operating times for sensors (e.g. if switched off outside trading hours).
  • Improved export capability.
  • Better handling of timezones.
  • Consolidated systems for collecting data from third-party sensors.

Invoice app:

  • PDFs will no longer show £0 if the line is being used for an annotation.

Timesheet app:

  • Improved formatting and clarity of month-end reports.

General updates:

  • When creating an account, display name will be the first part of the email address until otherwise configured.
  • Removed references to Sarah Connor and Skynet.
  • Squashed some issues when creating new users in system.
Sven Latham

Sven Latham

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