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We believe that data sharing and collaboration amongst suppliers is key to success, and benefits everybody involved.

We provide a secure hub for the exchange of data, including raw counts, events and analysis, between providers and consumers.

This is backed by an authenticated, comprehensive API designed for high performance data consumption and transformation.

If you already provide reporting, we can supplement it with figures and forecasts from our modelling system.

This can be provided as a service to you to incorporate into your own reports for the end-user; through our own systems, or in combination.

Our projects include:

Developing bespoke tool to retrieve footfall counts automatically from two major suppliers.

Collecting monthly police data from national crime databases.

Integrating with Valuation Office for updated Rateable Values across BIDs.

Real-time highways monitoring and traffic alerts.

Live and historic car park data from councils.

Publishing combined data to third-party websites.

Combining flood alerts with town centre websites.

...and plenty more!
Data Collection