• Visitor Counting
  • Dwell Times
  • Visitors, Locals and Workforce
  • Popular Routes

Valuable new data for large and small towns.

Works well with footfall cameras or on its own.

Plug it in, put it by a window and go. It starts working within minutes.

These devices work by tracking the publicly accessible signals sent out by modern smartphones. They’re simple, fast and flexible.

Need more accuracy? Just add more devices. Everything is supplied on a flexible basis.

Each sensor is just £25/month

These sensors are self-install. If you prefer us to install, we will charge a modest fee to cover time and expenses.
3 month minimum term. All prices per device, excluding VAT.
A Valuable Source of Data

These sensors use mobile phone technology to measure how visitors move around the local area.

It measures dwell times, frequency of visits, number of visits and paths taken throughout the area.

It can also reveal proportion of local workers, frequent visitors and first-time visits, making it easier to profile the local area and measure changes over time.

Privacy By Design

Some forms of this technology are capable of tracking individuals with pinpoint accuracy – and build profiles about each & every one of us.

We find that all rather creepy, and have specifically designed our system to measure crowd movements, not track individuals.

We believe there is a common ground with this technology: to provide decent, useful information whilst supporting privacy. This is key to our work and ambitions.

Data Without Restrictions

All the anonymous data is collected and analysed by Noggin. The results are presented in a secure online environment where you can browse, drill down and export as you need.

You are free to use the results you have commissioned as you see fit. There are no licensing restrictions.

Affordable for All

We want to be able to support communities of all types and sizes, as economic challenges face us all.

Our system is based on low-cost consumer equipment. We built the software in-house so we have complete control over costs, and push to make the sensors as inexpensive as possible.

Data is not a panacea, but by making it affordable we can provide support to those who can benefit from it.

A New Perspective on Footfall

Traditional footfall cameras count passers-by but can’t give us detail about the visits being made.

Footflow gives us much more information, but only from visitors who carry smartphones.

There are pros and cons to both. We'll help you choose the best options based on price, coverage and detail.

Alternatively, our sensors can work alone to give broad figures across a wide area, and measure trends across all the figures collected.

Working alone or together

These devices can work alone, covering a small area. Their range is about 15m line of sight, which is an ideal balance of precision and breadth.

Further devices can work together, building up a map of the local area. Every street, every square. The more you add, the greater the area covered.

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