January 2018 Updates

By June 25, 2018 Update

Traffic reporting app gathers traffic data from third-party providers and sensors for analysis.

  • New layout in keeping with latest portal design guidelines.
  • Improved API for third-party integrations (dashboards, etc.)
  • Added whole-route measurements so we can now measure transit time across ringroads and major thoroughfares.
  • Updated PDF weekly reports to better use space.
  • Town events are now shown directly in the interactive traffic view.
  • Real-time reporting of route transit time is now possible.

Footflow app:

  • Now allows us to apply filters to dwell times (high- and low-pass filters so unusual patterns can be removed).
  • Custom API added for county-wide analysis (available only for specific contracts).

Property app:

  • Performance and reliability improvements.
  • Notes and Points of Interest removed. App focuses solely on Properties now.
  • Road creation feature removed. We now use OpenStreetMap data as backend.

Wiki app:

  • Now supports Markdown (quicker to edit than HTML).

Weather app provides local weather forecasts and historical data

  • More frequent weather updates for next 24 hours, to better show rapidly changing weather conditions. 7-day forecasts are updated daily.

General Services covers all non-specific portal updates.

  • It is now possible to configure a BID Boundary (using a map editor) and have this shown in various apps (footfall, crime, etc.)
  • Improved invitation messages for new users. Now possible to add a custom message.

Crime app shows Home Office crime reports within specific areas.

  • We now retrieve crime data based directly on the BID/town centre Boundary (was previously a general area/radius).
  • Boundaries are now shown directly in the crime map.
  • Attribution updated for data sources (data.police.uk)
  • Improved performance by getting rid of some obsolete libraries.

Reporting app provides regular reports across a variety of data sources for stakeholders.

  • Warnings are now clearly shown where estimation/in-fill has been used for data (this relies on third-party disclosure where available).
  • A separate warning is now shown if any sensor is known to be non-operational.
  • Sensor hosts now receive a more detailed report on their own site reliability.
  • Various formatting and space improvements.
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Sven Latham

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