• Accurate, local hourly weather data
  • Forecasting up to 7 days
  • Uses amateur & pro stations in your area
  • Rainfall shows downpours vs showers

Daily & hourly weather

Our weather data is sourced from a comprehensive collection of stations and uses the latest in forecasting technology.

See weather reports to the nearest hour, including temperature and rainfall.

A 7-day forecast is also provided, updated at least once daily, so you can see how future conditions might affect your results.

Powerful combination with data

Weather affects towns in different ways. Some thrive in the sunshine, whereas others see a drop in traffic.

We show weather conditions down to the nearest hour, alongside your various sources of data, so you can see precisely how the conditions affect your town.

Our rainfall indicator shows how heavy the rain was, so you can see the difference between a light shower and a deluge. This often has a great effect on footfall!