• Sourced from Google Maps
  • Continuous traffic monitoring
  • Ideal for measuring impact of road works
  • Detailed reporting tools

Comprehensive traffic monitoring

Using anonymous data from millions of mobile phones, the Traffic app continuously monitors the condition of the roads in your local area.

Travel time between two points is measured up to every 15 minutes, giving you the ability to see how the roads perform at any time of day.

The overview map shows a historical view of the area, and events & weather indicate potential causes for congestion or slow-downs.

Detailed reports & analyses

At any time, you can pull up reports on the historical conditions for each stretch of road.

Peak hours can be set, so you can focus on the core trading and operating hours around your city.

The data can be gathered and analysed using a variety of integrated tools, or exported to Excel for further interrogation.

Measure impact

The tool is designed to show long-term impact of changes in road layout, such as changes in street design, traffic movement and access.

It can also demonstrate the impact of short-term events, such as road closures and incidents. The tool can effectively demonstrate how easy or difficult it is for road users to reach and navigate your local area.

Recording traffic data can also help explain peaks and troughs in footfall and sales, as congestion may prevent or dissuade visitors getting to your town centre.