The best way to experience the Noggin Hub is to try it.

Owing to high demand, it may take a few days to get your Hub set up. When you request a Hub, we will drop you an email with an estimated time for access.

There’s no commitment at this point. We hate this pressure-sales stuff just as much as you probably do. If it’s useful, fantastic! If not, no hard feelings.

The Noggin Hub itself is free for everybody. You’ll have instant access to a wealth of localised data from the 2011 census and lots of other data to get started. If you ever need to add any particular tools or data, that’s when we’ll charge, but we’ll make it clear what you’re paying for and why.

Your details will be used to help set up and use your Noggin Hub. We will also send essential notifications about your Hub access (such as password resets or account changes). At any time, you can delete your access to the Hub.

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