• View live car park stats across your town
  • Inbound and Outbound counts (where available)
  • Works with a variety of sources
  • Realtime feeds available for website and apps

Visualise parking capacity

The Parking app is designed to give clear, visual indications of your car park assets and utilisation.

Occupancy can be viewed as a weekly heatmap, showing when the asset becomes busiest and where you are most at risk of congestion.

Where available, data can also be viewed for inbound and outbound movements, so you can see when the spaces are filling up.

Gauges and APIs for public use

Quickly add gauges to your BID or town centre website, with embeddable data from the Parking app. It’s as easy as dropping in a few lines of code to your page.

We also supply APIs, so the live car park feed can be incorporated into third-party applications, town apps and matrix displays.

Real-time displays are most accurate when your parking sensors update live, but if they don’t, we use historical patterns to predict car park usage at any point in time.