• Analyse footfall from various providers
  • Compare footfall with other data (car parks, traffic, etc.)
  • Easy sharing and social media updates
  • Customised reports specific to your town

Fast, clear footfall results

The footfall app integrates with existing providers and incorporates their benchmarks (where supported), to provide you with fast access to your footfall portfolio.

Local events, temperature and rainfall are incorporated to let you see the impact of conditions on your town’s performance.

Map view

See the performance of individual cameras across your town with the integrated map view.

Drill down by hour or day to see how events cause your footfall to grow and fall.

Weather and events are shown on the same screen, so you can compare conditions.

Profiles by location

Review the performance of each site, showing the hourly peak times for each day.

This view is ideal for property holders and potential occupiers, as it shows the footfall outside shop premises at different times of the day, and highlights peak hours across the week.