The Noggin Hub

  • Essential tools for place management
  • Collect, share and analyse data
  • Secure website for desktops and mobiles
  • Clear guides to help you understand and interpret results

How does it work?

Noggin’s entire premise is to make data more widely available for the organisations that need it. And the Noggin Hub does just that.

The Noggin Hub is a secure website supplying data storage, analysis and tools to aid decision making for your town or city centre.

The Hub itself is completely free, and many public datasets are also free to add. This allows you to explore local and regional data, and access resources from government and other public bodies.

Noggin Hub can be expanded with ‘apps’ to provide additional capabilities and resources for specific datasets. These can include footfall or car parks, can provide detailed insights into the data, plus the apps can help you obtain and collect additional sets of data.

Your complete data hub

The Noggin Hub is a secure website where all your town’s data can be accessed, catalogued, analysed and shared.

It provides advanced analysis tools that let you drill down and understand the performance of your events, campaigns and changes in your local area.

We use data from open sources, census data and your own footfall, wifi and other systems to create a complete picture of the local area. We are provider-neutral, so aim to work with all data suppliers.

Reporting on your terms

Ever feel like you are drowning in reports? The Noggin Hub takes data from all your sources and combines them into simple, clear & attractive weekly and monthly reports.

We customise your reports based on the data you have available, and make different reports available to different people.

Give your town centre businesses useful feedback on events and footfall performance, while your board members get more details about the goings-on across the town.

All of this is automatic, and can be sent to as many addresses as you like, without restriction.

Past reports can be regenerated at any time, so you always have a complete history of documents. No need to keep a paper copy any more!