December 2017 Updates

By December 26, 2017 June 26th, 2018 Update

General Services covers all non-specific portal updates.

  • Adjusted look & feel; better distinction between foreground and background colours; better readability.
  • Removed obsolete configuration options. Typically all wording and branding is now kept in the assets app.
  • Added GeoJSON support for asset editor (allows complex polygons to be edited within the app – e.g. BID Boundaries)
  • A basic import/export mechanism has been included to allow apps to be transferred between portals.
  • Stats library has been updated with more efficient code and better facilities across all apps.
  • Scheduled tasks can now be run on demand where necessary. Outputs are logged in the task manager.
  • Message queueing infrastructure is now in place (will eventually mean better performance/updates for data-driven apps such as footfall).

Weather app provides local weather forecasts and historical data

  • Updated credit for weather data attributions ( renamed to Dark Sky).

Vacancy Survey app collects property information, and enables sharing with third parties.

  • Better offline & sync performance on mobile app.
  • Improved quality of images taken with the app.
  • Added more fields in the changelog, so we can track changes over time more effectively.
  • Removed a bunch of obsolete property codes.
  • Added new reporting metrics & pages.
  • Created basic framework for reporting to third-party benchmarking surveys.

Social Media app creates images and inserts for social media and third-party sites.

  • Improved performance of image generation.
  • Added support for sales app data (local & benchmarked).

Sales app analyses weekly sales data from retailers.

  • Added parsing of Springboard Sales PDFs to capture site WOW and YOY performance.
  • Simplified look & feel throughout to show only the key figures.
  • API added to allow sharing with other apps and reports.

File sharing app allows file upload and distribution.

  • Files API now allows for sorting by last modified/updated time.

Traffic reporting app gathers traffic data from third-party providers and sensors for analysis.

  • Forecasting is now available for transit times, based on current and historical conditions.

Wiki app is a service for rapid creation and editing of web pages.

  • Various formatting updates to improve style of permitted HTML tags.

Invoicing app provides a multi-currency invoice-raising capability for portal owners.

  • Annotations have been added as a separate field (no longer necessary to create a blank invoice line).
  • Payment footers now show the correct account information depending on the currency of the invoice.
  • Now possible to change currency of invoice before publication.
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Sven Latham

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