What We Do

Noggin brings the power of data analysis to place management.

We help decision-makers plan and execute their choices with firm evidence and clear cases for success.

Falling computer costs, rising availability of data and a better understanding of what it can tell us, means the time is now…

The data and data analysis previously only enjoyed by big business is increasingly available to the masses, and Noggin can help navigate the options, advise on best practice, and bring value & competitive advantage to all organisations, no matter what size.

Noggin will continue to push for user rights and protection of privacy; challenging improper use of data. We encourage education, showing both users and practitioners the risks & challenges involved.

Our Founder

Sven Latham is a successful, seasoned expert in computer science, operations and data management, with experience in a variety of sectors, including local & national government, defence, travel and financial.

Noggin is Sven’s ambition to tackle the existing data market – where data is seen as a necessary evil, often overpriced and over-hyped.

Aware that the communities that could benefit most from data often find it prohibitively expensive, Sven started working with town centres to give them access to openly available data – and Noggin was born!

Using our operational and technical experience, Noggin taps into machine learning, data acquisition and reporting to find ways to use data sensibly, delivering real value to its customers.

Sven is the brains behind the operation and has built Noggin and its services from the ground up. The company is financially sound, highly automated and the infrastructure is hosted in secure, managed facilities. All this allows us to keep the costs down, so we can provide you with a service without breaking your budgets.

Who we are

We are a group of people who get a little bit excited about data and its infinite uses!

We love that it confirms things we already suspect and tells us things we never realised we needed to know.

We use it to find out more about the world and answer questions we’re curious about.

We love that data exists everywhere and is more accessible than ever.

We use data to prove theories; investigate queries and resolve challenges for our clients.

We love putting into the hands of organisations that need it – and previously couldn’t afford it.

We use what you have; what you can access and we cross-reference it with wider sources – to help you make business decisions.

We love the stories data tells, the trends it foresees and the guidance it gives.

Hmm… we’re a little bit geeky, maybe… but only about data.